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Diseases of skin:
Psoriasis (except general-pustular form)
Para psoriasis
Psoriatic erythroderma
Neurodermatitis (atopic dermatitis)
Fungous mycosis
Scleroderma(initial stage)
Lichen rubber planus
Diseases of joints /vertebral column :
Psoriatic polyarthritis (inactive phase)
Polyarthritis in inactive phase
Bechterews disease
Disease of pulmonary :
Chronic bronchitis
Toxic bronchitis of smoker
Bronchial asthma
Chronic pneumonia
Chronic sinusitis
Chronic recurrent otitis in the stage of remission
Tinnitus – buzzing in the ears
Meniere disease
Chronic rhinitis (hypertrophy of adenoids)
Allergic pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis (including occupational disease)
Dysfunction of nervous system:
Syndrome of chronic tiredness
Asthenoneurotic condition
Post-stress syndrome
Children's cerebral paralyses
 Endocrines pathology:
Disease of genital sphere :
 Hypertrophy prostate gland
 Acute prostatitis
 Chronic prostatitis
 Lowering potency

Contraindications for treatment

 Parkinson's disease
 Myocardial infarction, old to 2 month ago
 Hemorrhagic stroke, old to 6 month ago
 Hypertensions decease stage 3
 Respiratory deficiency stage 2-3
 Acute infections disease
 Pulmonary tuberculosis
 Renal insufficiency
 Hepatic failure
 Lupus erythematosus

Patients, who getting cortisone medication in any appearance (ointment, tablets), must abolish take him for 2 month to come before , because on the Dead Sea can get aggravation disease, and process of treatment can less effective.

Recommendation for tourist on the Dead Sea

Most appropriate time for situated on the Dead Sea

Psoriasis , Parapsoriasis Middle of March – Middle of November
Neurodermatitis All the year, except July - August
Vitiligo Middle of April – middle of October
Disease of locomotorium All the year
Bronchitis, Asthma Middle of November - begin April
Other ENT-pathology All the year
Syndrome of chronic tiredness September -May
Endocrines pathology All the year
Neurology disease September -May
Instruction for patients, arriving for treatment on the Dead Sea.
1. Desirable take abstract of record from history of ill about his health , including allergic status.
2. If patient has another dieses, and his doctor permissions treatment on the Dead Sea. Patient must take all medication which hi is taken all period treatment on the Dead Sea.
3. Which have cataract must take permission of doctor on the treatment on the Dead Sea.
Please, take notice!

Contraindication for climate therapy psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis on the Dead Sea

1. Cardio disease, malignant disease and ether chronic disease(kidney, diabetes mellitus).
2. patient with frequent relapse Herpes simplex infection HIV (in all stage).
3. Patient, carry less then 2 month ago operation, (only with permission doctor).
Zara SPA in the Hotel MOVENPICK

ZARA Spa, Dead Sea, Jordan, offers a myriad of facilities and treatments in an enchanting village setting. Share the legendary therapeutic secrets of the Dead Sea with a range of relaxation and beauty therapies to make you feel on top of the world. Massage your cares away, enjoy a traditional eastern hammam or simply soak up one of the most spectacular sunsets on earth from the comfort of a bubbling whirlpool.

ZARA Spa, Dead Sea, Jordan… The Spa for the new millennium in a land as old as time.

Share the legendary therapeutic secrets of the Dead Sea and soothe your cares away at ZARA Spa with a range of health and beauty therapies to make you feel on top of the world. Using international skin care products and the famous Dead Sea mud and salts, our professional staff are here to guide and care for you.

The Sanctuary Zara Spa, designed in traditional local style with local stone, domed ceilings and mosaics, houses the most state of the art facilities in the Middle East region. The facilities include: the stimulating Hydro-pool with air-beds, air-seats, geysers and neck massage jets, the Dead Sea Whirlpool, the Dead Sea Floatation Pool and the Kneipp Foot Treading Pool. The Thermariums (Turkish Hammams) provide a truly oriental experience and the high-tech gymnasiums and fitness studio offer the latest cardiovascular equipment and exercise programs

The Sanctuary Zara Spa takes full advantage of the uniqueness of its location. The Dead Sea water and mud is especially therapeutic with a uniquely high concentration of salts and minerals. Weather conditions are close to ideal at the Dead Sea. It benefits from year round sunshine, dry non-polluted air, high oxygen pressure due to the low altitude, and most importantly, filtered UVA and UVB radiation that reach only the Dead Sea, prolonging exposure time for sun radiation.

At the lowest point on earth, there's a higher form of well-being, at a Spa for the new millennium. Unwind beneath the beautiful mosaic domes of our Eastern-inspired Thermariums and let our Tropical Rain Showers caress you with the refreshing scent of mint. Discover the secrets of the Dead Sea in the glistening, sun-kissed waters of our main Hydro-Pool, in our indoor Floatation and Kneipp Foot Massage pools, or in our spectacular Infinity Pool.

Pamper yourself in total privacy in our exclusive Royal Therapy Suites with separate entrance, reception and discreet access to the Ladies-only Fitness Suite and Activity Studio. The suites also connect to the Tranquility Lounge with it's arabesque arches leading out to the Relaxation Terrace and the refreshing Infinity Pool Terrace.

Enjoy Spa cuisine in the tranquil ambiance of the Spa Lounge with its shaded courtyards. From aromatherapy mud wraps in our exotic Mud Treatment Suites to the hi-tech luxury of our Hydro-suites, ZARA Spa offers a myriad of exotic treatments to soothe the body and seduce the soul.

To truly benefit from ZARA Spa Experience, the unique environment of the Dead Sea and the Spa's award winning facilities the following Spa Experience sequence is recommended.
After registering and receiving your locker key with robes, slippers and ZARA bag, start your day with a refreshing shower.

To help your body adjust to the unique climate and mineral rich waters begin your Spa day in the Hydro-Pool. With a three percent salt concentration, the heated Hydro-Pool stimulates the circulation and massages your muscles with its advanced pressure jets. Relax as the bubbles in the centre whirlpools swirl around; then, proceed to the specific massage jets for a few minutes each. After visiting the airbeds, peninsula side jets, back and shoulder jets ad air seats, return to the whirlpools for a few minutes.

Next, venture inside and float in the heated Dead Sea Pool II. This pool contains pure Dead Sea water with a salt concentration of 27% and helps eliminate the toxins in your body and balance the ph levels.

Subsequent to your relaxing float, walk along the water jets in the Kneipp Foot Massage Pool. These gentle jets stimulate the pressure points in the bottom of your feet and increase circulation.

To complete your water experience, relax in Dead Sea pool I, heated to 36 degrees to fully loosen your muscles as you enjoy the view of the Dead Sea through its arched windows.

Approximately 10-15 minutes should be spent in each pool.
Periods of rest and plenty of water are advised between using the pools and heat treatments.

Unwind, take in the sun and benefit from the mineral rich environment with bromides that calm and soothe you at the Spa Terrace or Beach. Alternatively, visit our Spa library in the Spa Lounge and curl up with a book and soothing cup of herbal tea.

Accessed through the changing rooms, the Thermariums provide the heat experience area of the Spa. Commence with a Tropical Shower and feel the hot water pour over your body. Spend 10-15 minutes in the ornate Caldarium (wet heat) which opens up your pores, increases blood circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system. The menthol in the vapors also opens up the sinuses and aids in breathing. Use the water hose when required to cool down.

A refreshing shower in the Peppermint Scented Fog Shower uplifts you before you relax in the Laconuim.

The Laconium's dry heat slowly brings down your body temperature as the warmed seats soothe your muscles. This helps conclude the detoxifying process leaving your body feeling cleansed and renewed.

After a Rain Shower to cool down, relax under the stained glass domes in the Thermariums and feel cocooned by its warm environment.

The Thermariums are ideal to use before a treatment.

It is recommended that you repeat the water experience a few times during the day and the heat experience twice a day balanced with periods of rest and plenty of water.

For complete well-being visit the Fitness Suite with its cardiovascular and resistance machines or enjoy a refreshing swim in the freshwater Terrace Pool with infinity edge.

Finish your day feeling weightless, floating in the Dead Sea or having a drink at the Infinity Pool Terrace whilst taking in the breathtaking scenery and enjoying one of the most spectacular sunsets in the world

Anantara SPA in the Hotel KEMPINSKI

The Dead Sea is the perfect environment for the Anantara Spa which is one of the largest spas in the Middle East.

Ozone-rich air, mineral-loaded sea water and mud will enhance the quintessentially luxurious treatments of Anantara Spa which will bring together century old therapies and the most innovative signature treatments, all performed by highly-trained Far Eastern therapists, making it unique of its nature in Jordan and one to rival spas in other far-flung locations around the world.

With its main focus on the views toward the Dead Sea, all areas of the Spa have been designed to create a realm of tranquility and serenity, intertwined with nature.

Anantara Spa at Kempinski Hotel Ishtar is considered as one of the largest Spa's in the Middle East with a total of 10,000 sqm and over 20 treatment rooms as well as Outdoor Therapy Lounges.

For those wishing to live the full wellness experience, accommodation within the Spa is available from a choice of 28 simplex and duplex Spa Suites with terraces providing splendid views onto the Dead Sea.


  The Spa offers:  
Over 20 Treatment Rooms  
Outdoor Therapy Lounges  
28 Spa Suites (simplex and duplex)  
Hammam Pools  
Outdoor and Indoor Jacuzzi  
Watsu Pool (Water Shiatsu)  
Steam Room  
2 Dead Sea Pools